19th century “gold poke,” leather bag

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Antique leather gold ‘poke’ bag

An amazing little leather bag.  Late 19th century, I believe this is actually a “gold poke.”  Made of a full circle of leather, cut out round with two small leather “ears” that the leather hide tie, is threaded through.  I trust the source who brought this to me, but, I also looked really closely at it.  I can’t swear this was used in the California ’49 Gold Rush but, the leather is appropriately worn, it has lots of age and, there are actually 2 tiny pieces/bits of gold, stuck inside the bag.  No one will get rich on the weight of the gold that is in the bag but I was very pleased to find that there actually are little bits of gold in there. Note that this tiny amount of gold will not make one monetarily rich….. but, rich in history!

When closed, the bag measures 3 1/2″ deep x approximately 2 1/2″ across.

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