Huge old Navajo 65 turquoise cluster bracelet

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Killer, big old Navajo or Zuni turquoise petitpoint cluster cuff bracelet.

There are some good old cluster bracelets out there but this one is a definite step up.  Great stones, great color, good silver, just Wow!

I think a Navajo jeweler made this even though so many of the turquoise are petitpoint teardrops so, some people would say it was made by a Zuni silversmith.  But, the stamped silver domes and curved silver repousse bump ups are often Navajo.  But, artists are artists so, whoever made this, made it lovely.

Huge!  3 1/2″ in both directions of the top platform, the center stone is 1 1/8″ x 1 1/4.”  The bracelet is 7 1/4″ full inside circumference, including the current opening.  The bracelet is in very good old condition with expected wear and some tight fractures in the center stone but it is stable.  Again, I say “Wow!”



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