Navajo woven Germantown yarn rug, tapestry

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19th century antique Germantown Navajo rug, tapestry

A 19th century Navajo weaving with a lovely deep red ground with geometric elements in (currently as the colors have changed over time) peach, blue that is now gray and white with a pink blush at the edges.  The added fringe seems to have a brighter pink yarn, red and the blue gone gray.  Note that the colors in the first photo are the closest.

The rug is in fair to good condition overall with wear, the color changes above and past moth damage (you can see the darker, nibbled areas).  No live or active bugs at present!  The fringe is partially present but has worn off in areas.  The red yarn side selvedges are intact.  The horizontal white dotted lines are past work on the warp, don’t know if the weaver had to add or repair the cotton warp or if that was later.

Approximately 28″ x 18.”  A good piece of textile history and a satisfying Native American weaving.

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