Meiji period Japanese inro tobacco pouch, basket with inlaid iron ojime and netsuke

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Antique Japanese basket inro with iron netsuke and ojime.

19th century finely woven basketry inro, I was told a tobacco pouch, with matching netsuke and ojime with inlaid or applied brass or bronze on iron.  The manju style netsuke has a hinged lid that opens but it does not snap or hold shut.  Stunningly tight basket weave with a fine and tightly woven edge or rim around the lid.  The front of the container has a silver repousse piece of two butterflies.

In very good antique condition but note that there are some broken stitches at the back of the basket where the lid hinges.  These breaks are visible from the back if you know where to look   You can see these breaks mostly looking at the inside of the lid.  This will be sold as-is.        Pouch is 2 3/8″ high x 4 1/4″ wide x  1 7/8″ deep.


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