Original oil painting, Hunting Party by Robert Winter

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“Hunting Party” original painting by Robert Winter

Robert Winter (b. 1953, Germany) came to the U.S. After serving in the military, he studied at the Los Angeles College of Design. He focused on scenes from the history of the American Southwest. His work brought him various accolades including feature articles in “Southwest Art” and “Western Art Digest” and various awards, including Best of Show at the C.M. Russell Art Show in Montana. “Hunting Party” depicts five warriors returned home after a successful hunt. The work has an engraved label attached to the frame and is signed in red paint in the lower right corner of the work.

The visible portion of the painting as framed is 23 1/2″ x 29 3/8,” the frame is 30 1/2″ X 36 1/2.” The painting is in good condition overall but has a scrape that dented the pigment in the lower corner of the painting. The dent did not pierce the canvas nor remove paint. The frame needs some work, it is sturdy but has apparent animal teeth marks on the left side of the upper edge. The tooth to frame incident did not damage the painting. Due to the issues above, we are offering this work at a discount from its market value.

The painting is available for pick up or, will work with buyer to arrange shipping at buyer’s expense.

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