Rare jar with lizards by Damacia Cordero, Cochiti

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Old Cochiti bowl with lizards by Damacia Cordero.

An unusual Pueblo bowl with three lizards circling the rim by Cochiti artist, Damacia Cordero.  Born in 1905 (she passed in 1989), Damacia began making pottery around 1920.   Damacia was Helen Cordero’s sister-in-law and Damacia is a notable Cochiti pottery artist, well-known for her funky, whimsical figures.  Damacia’s children also became important potters: Marie Laweka, Josephine Arquero and Martha Arquero.   I am calling this a rare piece as Damacia did very little ‘traditional’ pottery.  Rather, she focused on creating figures, creatures and storytellers.

This bowl includes dimensional lizards and, a deep zigzag indentation around the bottom edge of the pot.  The pot is signed in pencil on the underside, “Damacia Cordero,” rubbed but readable.  This is the only actual vessel by Damacia that I’ve seen.  The bowl is 4″ high x 6″ wide, not including the lizards which are each 3″ long x 3/4″ high at their little heads.  The pot is in very good old condition.


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