Booklet, Doel Reed Makes an Aquatint

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Softcover book, Doel Reed Makes An Aquatint

A rare paperback book or booklet, this is Doel Reed Makes an Aquatint.   Published in 1965 by the Museum of New Mexico, this quote summarizes the contents, “This demonstration of the art of the aquatint was made by Doel Reed, internationally known artist, teacher and National Academician.”

Born in 1895, Doel Reed is remembered as an important member of the Taos art community.   In 1952, he was elected to the National Academy of Design.  From the 1960s over his artistic career, Doel built an international reputation as a landscape artist, printmaker and, master of the demanding medium of aquatint.  He was fascinated by and excelled at depicting the iconic architectural forms of the New Mexico landscape.

His book, Doel Reed Makes an Aquatint, summarizes his artistic experiences, influences, teachers and outlook and, multiple illustrations of his tools, techniques, process and, his works.

The booklet is in good old condition with surface wear, rubbing and light folds on the spine and covers.  8″ x 8″ softcover.  No notes nor writing in the book.  Sturdy and readable.

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