Zuni melon head or magpie ring, Lucy Ceshu or Quincy Panteah. Sz 7 3/4

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Vintage Zuni bird ring by Lucy Ceshu or Quincy Panteah


This is a ‘magpie’ (or thunderbird or melon head kachina) ring made by Zuni artist, Lucy Ceshu and/or one of her ex husbands, Quincy Panteah or Teluli Tsabetsaye. Lucy Ceshu is usually credited with the magpies but, if the bird faces right, they’re said to have been made by Quincy Panteah. Quincy and Lucy were married for a short time and made jewelry together.  The bird is fine pieced or mosaic work with carefully shaped stones.

The ring is 7 ¾ and in excellent old condition.  Shipping is free anywhere in the continental U.S.  I will wrap for the Holidays!

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