Zia olla by Candelaria Gachupin

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Vintage Zia olla by Candelaria Medina Gachupin


SOLD!  Vintage Zia Pueblo pot by Candelaria Medina Gachupin.  Although this pot does not name the artist (the jar is signed on the underside in pencil, “Zia Pueblo, San Ysidro, N.M.”), examples of various Zia potters’ birds (in Francis Harlow and Dwight Lanmon’s  The Pottery of Zia Pueblo), indicate that this pot was made by Candelaria Medina Gachupin.  Born in 1908, Candelaria was an active potter from the 1920s until her death in 1997.  I think this pot was made around 1950.  This small olla is extra charming.   Along with her birds and rain clouds, she added foliage – a flowering yucca and decorative bush but otherwise, it is typical of her excellent work.

The jar is 5 1/2″ tall x 6 1/2″ at the shoulder with a 4 1/4″ opening.  The pot is in excellent old condition.

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