Wow! Amazing complex ring by Navajo-Hopi artist, Curtis Pete

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Silver ring with Morenci turquoise by contemporary Navajo Hopi silversmith Curtis Pete


Every time I see Curtis’ work, my first thought is “Wow!”  I’ve taken silver smithing classes, I know the techniques, I know how much work goes into a good silver piece and, I know how much can go wrong when you’re working with silver.   I can still hear in my head the sharp “ping!” when a saw blade breaks.  I remember the disappointment when molten solder doesn’t flow where you want it to, etc.  When I see Curtis’ work, I see all the cuts, all the seams, all the soldered layers and  and individual tiny silver elements and I am amazed.  I’ve talked with Curtis about his work history and technique.  He trained as in traditional silversmith techniques, he mastered those and now, he has the aesthetic and skills to can do whatever he wants.  This is a lovely heavy, detailed silver ring, set with a bright Morenci stone with pyrite.  The size is a generous 7.5.  I bought this ring for myself but it turned out to be too large for me to wear so I have to pass it on.  The ring weighs 26 grams and is in excellent condition.

Comparable pieces by Curtis Pete are on the internet in Santa Fe for over $1000.00

Shipping is $8.00 anywhere in the continental United States.

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