Vintage sailor’s macrame knotted frame, signed

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A great bit of maritime folk art, this is an elaborate knotted cotton line, frame. It’s even signed, Leroy Fowler. I believe Mr. Fowler passed away in the late ’60s so I’d guess he did this sometime in the first part of the century. A nifty detail is that he recorded his creation of the piece with a detailed diagram on paper that he attached to the back of the frame. It includes the names and numbers of the knots and, impressively, an estimate of the time it took him to make it – 125 hours! And, he notes that the image inside the frame is a print of an original work by J. Spurling, of the “British square rigged ship, “Medway.”

The frame is in a well constructed box frame. Old masking tape on the back was flaking off but newer, archival tape would reseal the back and keep the piece safe and clean. The framed measures 15 1/4″ x 17 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ deep.”

Note that professional shipping for this piece is necessary. Cost will be determined before shipping.

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