Vintage Hopi pottery bowl, with a fish

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Old, handmade Hopi Pueblo pottery, fish bowl


An unusual piece of Pueblo pottery.  How often have you seen a Hopi Pueblo pottery fish dish?  The Mimbres culture sometimes depicted fish on their pottery but, until I got this and a companion bowl,  I had not seen fish in the Northern Pueblos.  I found two bowls, apparently by the same artist years ago, a friend got one and I kept this one.  I’ve enjoyed it but it is now available.  Hand-coiled, fired outside with warm fire clouds.  The bowl is about 1 3/4″ high x  5 1/2″ rim diameter.  In very good old condition with light wear to the surface and the dark pigment.   Along with some adhesive residue, there are pencil notations on the bottom that do not appear to be a signature, perhaps an earlier dealer’s notes or price.

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