Older Hopi Shalako Kachina

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Old carved Zuni Shalako Kachina

Beautifully carved Zuni Shalako kachina. Fine detail, even to the tiny pieces of wood that form the scalloped shapes at the bottom edge of the kachina’s kilt. The kachina was hung up at some point with the cotton string still attached. It’s a guess but I think the platform was added later and the platform is labeled in pencil on the underside, “Shalako, Zuni Dance.”

The kachina is in very good old condition with surface wear, some moisture stains (common when kachinas are hung on the walls of a home) and small repairs, most visible in the left foot of the kachina in the photos. 14 1/2″ tall x 7 3/4″ wide across the tablita.

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