Old Northwest Coast tribal apron, leather, 19th century cedar bark, beaded frog, trade beads, dentalium

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Old, used NW Coast beaded, painted hide apron, frog, bear footprints, Haida, Tlingit, Tsimshian


An old NW Coast American Indian apron.  Haida, Tlingit or Tsimshian?  Beautifully made, the main portion of the apron is hide with painted bear paws, an animated beaded frog and embellishments including glass trade beads, dentalium shells, shell buttons, and dangles.  The lower edge of the apron is a band of 19th century woven cedar bark with red and blue glass trade beads woven in.  I think this apron was created somewhere around 1950 when a NW artist painted the hide, beaded the frog and added the old cedar bark band.  The apron has a red trade wool backing and two hide ties.   The main part of the apron measures 25″ wide x 16″ plus about 5″ of bead dangles.  The ties each measure about 21″ long.  It is in very good old condition.  It has been taken apart and meticulously cleaned of past moth damage and restitched.   It is in great historic condition.

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