Old Native American Hopi pottery bird plate/plaque by Sadie Adams/Flower Woman

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A wonderful Hopi plaque or shallow bowl by famous Native American Hopi Pueblo potter, Sadie Adams.  Born in 1905 at First Mesa in Hopi, Sadie came to be one of the most respected Hopi potters. She signed most of her pottery with her Hopi name in the symbol of a flower, Flower Woman.  Much of Sadie’s work was sold through Lorenzo Hubbell’s Ganado Trading Post.

This is a classic piece of Hopi pottery with the warm browns and gold, with fire clouds.  Sadie was famous for her tiles.  This piece of pottery is a slight bowl shape rather than a tile.  Unlike a tile, this piece was intended to be hung so this was pierced to hang.  7 1/2″ wide x 1 1/4″ deep, in very good old condition overall with light surface wear.

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