Old Naga woven bead necklace

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Old Naga India woven bead necklace


A wonderful ethnographic piece, a woven bead, bone and fiber necklace.  The strong geometric design and dramatic color contrasts are typical of Naga beadwork.  This necklace has cobalt blue, white, orange and red beads with two bone separators.  The artist carefully wove the strings of beads together and ended the necklace by plaiting the strands together at each end to create the loop and button clasp.  Approximately 29″ long and the woven bead panels on each side of the necklace each measure about 1 1/2″ wide.  In good old condition with some native repair stitching on both ends of the clasp.  Note that a few threads appear to have broken as there are empty holes but overall, the necklace looks good as you see here. Wearable with care.

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