Old Acoma Vase with parrots

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Old Acoma  Pueblo pottery vase with parrots


Old Acoma pueblo pottery jar or vase.  Circa 1930s, the vase features the classic Acoma parrot and flowers.  The whole jar has a jaunty personality with the flowers, dots and curly head feathers.  My favorite part of this jar is the extra history.  Some potter, perhaps the person who made it, perhaps another potter, used the vase to hold the temper used to make other pots.  You can see ground clay on the inside and outside of the neck of the vase.  I can visualize the potter reaching into the vase for temper with a wet hand, leaving clay, drips of water and remnants of fingerprints around the rim.

This pot could technically be called a four color polychrome as the potter added dots of a darker orange red to the petals of one of the flowers.  8″ tall x 7 3/4″ handle to handle.  No marks, no notable damage or repair.

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