Old Acoma Pueblo pottery wedding vase, parrot, florals

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Old Acoma pottery wedding vase, with parrots


A lovely older Acoma Pueblo wedding vase.  No mark except for “Acoma, New Mexico” painted on the underside.  10″ tall at the top of the handle and the body is about 7″ x 6.”  The pot is carefully painted with an Acoma parrot.  I love the extra decorative addition of the dots along both of the clay rope twists in the handle.  Note that, if you look at the vase from either spout (across the twisted handle), the pot is splendidly crooked – a common characteristic of a handmade pot.  The pot has the beautiful old, stone polished surface and, the pot has the “fire clouds” and pigment changes (the orange darkens to a brown – visible on both parrots) of a handmade pot fired outside.  The pot is in excellent old condition.

A gorgeous piece of old Pueblo pottery!

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