SOLD! Inlaid Zuni pendant by Juanita Homer, daughter of Leekya Deyuse, married to Lambert Homer, Sr

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Vintage Zuni pendant, fine inlay by Juanita Leekya Homer

SOLD! A detailed pendant created by Juanita Homer, the daughter of Leekya Deyuse and the wife of Lambert Homer.  Born in 1918, Juanita passed in 1998.  During her that lifetime, she worked with her father, Leekya Deyuse and then, worked with her husband, Lambert Homer, both notable Zuni lapidarists and jewelers.  According to the documentation that came with this pendant, Juanita made this beautiful pieced mosaic inlay pendant around 1950.  This piece and the documentation are from the estate of Jerry Lee Kearns.  Kearns worked at the National Gallery of Art, and the Library of Congress and in 1985, he was working on the photographic collections of Native American art at the Library of Congress.  Please see the photo documentation from Mr. Kearns shown below.

The pendant is made in Lambert Homer’s style, with finely cut pieces of spiny oyster, jet, white shell and turquoise, and, in this piece, tiny black dots of jet set into some of the white shell pieces.  The pendant is 2 1/2″ tall x 2 1/8″ wide.  This piece was probably part of an original 3 pendant necklace.  Currently, the pendant is alone, off the white shell necklace that Jerry mentions in the card description.

The pendant is in excellent old condition with no notable issues.  A copy of the letter re: “The Jewelry from the Estate of Jerry Lee Kearns” and a copy of the original card from Jerry’s collection that describes this pendant, will be included with the pendant.

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