Great old bracelet, Navajo silver cuff, 5 turquoise, interesting history

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Fine old Navajo silver bracelet, 5 natural turquoise


A beautiful old Navajo bracelet with 5 stones.  Then this bracelet gets extra interesting.  Note that the two end stones match each other but not the center three stones.  If you look closely, there is stamping underneath the two ends stones.  I’m guessing that someone added the outer stones to cover up unwanted designs (possibly swastikas? And, remember that that word is Sanskrit, not German – or whirling logs?).  So, if that theory is correct, this bracelet could have been made in the 1930s and then changed sometime in the 1940s.  The added stones were carefully chosen and they compliment the other three and the silver adaption was well-done and suits the original work on the bracelet.  Heavy, well made, and long worn, this is a lovely bracelet with a complex history.  5/8″ wide at the center stone x 5 1/2″ and weighs 31.5 grams.  Excellent old condition.

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