Finely woven Navajo mini rug

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Finely woven mini Navajo rug

A lovely small handwoven Navajo mini rug, 4 1/2″ x 3 1/4.”  A finely woven small rug with a detailed weave in white, brick reds, dark brown & tans.  As with the other mini rug I currently have up, I am amazed by the skill of the people who weave these rugs.  These minis are made in the same labor-intensive way that the large weavings are.  Every time I look at a mini Navajo rug, I think, “Holy Cow!  How does a weaver visualize this, build the mini loom and then create this beautiful little thing?”

Delicate, detailed, small, fine and lovely.  No damage or problems.  A masterpiece.

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