Fine overlay silver ketoh, bowguard, Kewa artist Joseph Coriz

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Silver bow guard by Native American artist, Joseph Coriz, Santo Domingo Pueblo


An amazing ketoh (bow guard, bracelet) consisting of three silver panels on leather ketoh by Native American Santo Domingo (Kewa) silversmith, Joseph Coriz. Joseph does amazing silver overlay work but he works almost in reverse of other overlay artists. In an incredibly labor intensive, detailed overlay technique, instead of cutting out generalized figures and details to highlight the outline of the top layer, Joseph cuts out each featured shape and figure, in their entirety, including detailed hands, figures, animals, cornstalks, pueblo structures, rain, stars and other shapes. Joseph finishes each small figure and then solders each piece onto a silver base plate.   He builds a silver frame around the figures as he wants to present them and, sometimes adds gold accents. Outstanding work!

This ketoh has three separate silver panel elements. The center features a high square central cab of spiderweb turquoise, I believe from the Smith Mine in Nevada.

The panels are mounted on a finished leather band with a 3 button closure. The center panel is 3″ x 2″ and each side measures 3″ tall x 1/2.” The center panel is slightly arched. As currently mounted, the bracelet guard is 8 5/8″ open.   Slightly worn, wearable.

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