Fetish necklace by Andrew Emerson Quam

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Vintage Zuni fetish necklace, birds by Andrew Emerson Quam


A 5 strand fetish necklace with 74 beautifully carved birds, by well-known Zuni Pueblo carver Andrew Emerson Quam.  Turquoise, jet, different shells and coral make up this varied flock!  Andrew’s birds all have a little extra personality and charm with details in the wings and tails and jaunty angles to the heads. The birds are strung on hand rolled Santo Domingo olive shell heishi with silver collars, hook and eye.  Circa 1960s.

Note that there are currently 74 birds in the necklace, some with damage: 2 turquoise beaks are broken off; 1 coral beak is broken; 2 turquoise tails broken off; 1 turquoise bird was broken and glued, 1 bird is missing and; I think there was one more beak with a small chip but I couldn’t find it a second time.  So, necklace is sold as-is.

The necklace is a small size, the shortest strand is 16 1/2″ hook to eye.

Rare, gorgeous and wearable!

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