Edna Leki dark wolf fetish

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A wolf fetish by Zuni artist, Edna Leki. Born in 1924, as Edna grew, she worked with her father, Teddy Weahkee, one of the most famous Zuni fetish carvers. After Teddy passed away, Edna continued working and expanded on what she learned from her father. Edna died in 2003 but her daughters, Dinah Gasper and Lena Boone, have carried on what has become the family fetish tradition.

I believe the stone is an agate relation, it’s a mottled brown hard stone with lighter inclusions. I think this fetish is a wolf that represents the east in the Pueblo theology of the six directions.

The original bundle features a carefully carved pale shell arrowhead, wrapped with brown shell heishi and two natural turquoise chips. The fetish is in excellent old condition with some deposits/stuff in the fibers of the wrap.

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