Caribou antler cribbage board, Mary’s Igloo

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Inuit, Inupiaq antler cribbage board


An unusual cribbage board, this one is a caribou antler and an Inupiaq work of art.  There is a human figure with hands in the air, incised below the holes, and on the back, signed “D.O. Komok,” and “Mary’s Igloo.”  The small village was originally named Aukvaunlook, which means “black whale.”  In the early 1900s, the village came to be called “Mary’s Igloo” after a hospitable local who welcomed visitors.  The story that came with this was that it was found on a shore of the Bering Strait.  I took that with a grain of salt but, after looking closely, many of the holes are filled with sand or tiny rocks and there are remnants of water deposits.  I think the story was true.  A charming element of the board is that the artist abbreviated the normal arrangement of holes, from 12 sets of 12 holes to 8 sets plus individual players and scorekeeping frames.  So, players have to do more laps!

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