Antique 1870s Navajo Germantown chief’s blanket, very as-is

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Antique Navajo Germantown Chief’s Blanket, as-is


A wonderful historic textile, this is a 19th century Navajo Chief’s blanket.  I say unfortunately but, then, I realize that it’s not unfortunate, just fact and realistic, the blanket is extremely worn.  I knew I would buy this piece as soon as I touched it.  It is yummy!  The several different kinds of plied Germantown and handspun wool yarns in the blanket are still intact and pliable, at around 150 years old,  not breaking or shedding.  Unlike some Germantowns, the warp yarns are wool.  I didn’t realize until after I’d bought it that it was only 2/3 of the original blanket.  I’ve come to love it as it is, with multiple repairs that span decades up to the last major repair/remedy where someone finally cut off the right 1/3 of the blanket and bound that edge to keep it usable.  I love all the pink shades and the natural white and brown yarns.   Someone said the pinks might be a mulberry dye.  Or maybe cochineal but faded.  Note the native rewoven areas, someone expended effort to extend its life.  Even with all the wear, damage and stains, it is gorgeous!  So, see all the photos and imagine handling it.  An amazing piece of history.

Approximately 76″ x 45″ as is.

Dimensions 76 × 45 in
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