SOLD! Big old Zuni knifewing ring, size 6

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Vintage Zuni inlaid ring, huge Knifewing Kachina

SOLD! This is a very small ring (size 6), with a very large set, in this case, the largest Knifewing Kachina I’ve ever seen.  The Kachina is made of stone-to-stone sets in silver bezels.   Essentially a mosaic technique, stone-to-stone work requires real precision as the jeweler has to cut the stones to fit with the other stones as well as shape each mosaic element, for example, a wing, to fit the mosaic into each silver bezel.  Nifty work and a really dramatic piece!  The ring is a size 6 and the Kachina measures 2 1/16″ tall or long (tablita to tail) x 1 3/4″ across the figure’s feet.  In excellent old condition.

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