18th century meerschaum and silver pipe

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A dated 18th century meerschaum bag form pipe. There is no stem. The body of the pipe has a silver cap and stem and a full silver rim with an attached lid, the rim of which is pierced and tooled all around. The lid is engraved “P.H.” in script with “1790” deeply engraved underneath the initials. Later, below that, “1845” and “1888” are more lightly carved into the silver, I would guess other owners, perhaps descendants of Mr. P.H. At the top of the lid, above “P.H.” there is another name in script. I am not sure but the name appears to be “..a (or g) illotte (and maybe an ‘n’” at the end). It is lightly carved into the silver in a way and depth similar to the “1888.” Off to the right of “1888” there appears to be more text. I see what appears to be “…ollier.” Layers of history! The stem collar of the pipe has a mark in a rectangular cartouche that appears to be “LS” and there is a dot in the silver between the body of the L before the S.

The pipe is a “bag” form. From the top of the collar to the “elbow” of the body measures about 4,” from the top of the lid to the “elbow” is about 2 1/2.” The pipe is in good antique condition with lots of discoloration, absorbed smoke and oils. The back of the pipe shows a little surface loss but no cracks, breaks or noticeable chips. The silver rim is firmly attached to the meerschaum, the silver lid is stable. The hook snaps but doesn’t hold the lid tighly closed but I think the hook could easily be tweaked to hold the lid tighter. There is a wrinkle in the silver stem collar. Then, just scratches, small dings and wear expected over 227 years!

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