Singing Mother figure by Damacia Cordero, Cochiti Pueblo

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Cochiti Pueblo pottery, a singing mother by Damacia Cordero


A “singing mother” figure by Damacia Cordero of Cochiti Pueblo.  Damacia began producing pottery in the 1920s and she was creating different kinds of figures by the 1950s.  Although some might call this figure a storyteller, she is more the singing mother figure, singing or telling stories to two children.

Although unsigned, Damacia’s work is distinctive and easily recognized.  Her figures seem to come from an earlier tradition with simple forms and decoration with a general charm.  Her figures tend to be elongated figures with strong noses and inexact but happy painted decoration.   This figure has bright cheeks, a painted nugget necklace, polka dots on her skirt and orange accents of the figures and clothing.  This lady is about 7 5/8″ tall.  This figure is priced at $48 in paint on the underside, possibly dating her to the 1960s.

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