Roach spreader by Julius Ceasar 1966

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Decorated roach spreader by Plains silversmith Julius Ceasar


Very hard to find, this is a nickel silver roach spreader by Julius Ceasar.  His name is sometimes spelled “Caesar” but he often signed his work and is spelling is usually Ceasar.  A native american artist, Ceasar was of Pawnee descent.  He was one of the early Plains smiths to create german silver pieces for sale and early artist to sign his work.   He signed this piece with an engraved “Made by Julius Ceasar” and the date “6-18-66.”  The top is decorated with fine rocker engraving, carving and stamp work including an eagle and crossed arrows and a modified horseshoe form.  The feather holder, originally hinged so it moved, was soldered fast to the platform at some point.  Otherwise, the piece is in excellent, used condition.

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