10 piece (plus 2) sterling silver Navajo made mini tea/coffee set with tray, extra pot & lid

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Navajo silver miniature coffee/tea set, cups, tray, by Elizabeth or Wesley Whitman

Wow!  A wonderful example of Navajo silversmithing but on a tiny scale!  Note that I’m calling this an 10 piece set but I’m including the lids for the pot, sugar bowl and creamer, one spoon and the tray.   Plus 2 other pieces, an extra tea or coffee pot with a fitted lid.  These are very detailed minis, even to the lids with flanges – the lids fit!  These were made by the Whitman family, Elizabeth and/or her son, Wesley.  The pots are marked “EMW” (Elizabeth M Whitman) and “WKW” (Wesley Whitman).  The extra pot & lid don’t match the set exactly but are complementary.  The tray is approximately 2.5″ x 1.75″ wide, see photos for relative size.

The set is not new but I haven’t found dates for their works.  I’m guessing at 1970s/1980s.  In excellent old condition.

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